Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Welcome to the Alamo Colleges Developmental Education Academy Blog!

This web forum will allow you to share insights about your training, your research, the latest news, and your classroom experiences and projects with your colleagues here at the Alamo Colleges as well as any others across the world that are involved in the vital work of helping developmental students learn.

We especially encourage you to share your classroom successes and challenges so that all of us can benefit from the “wins” to inspire each other and offer ideas for the “losses” to support each other.

So what are your thoughts – let us know so that we can learn from each other!

The DE Development Plan Committee


  1. Well isn't this special! Greetings to all and by way of introduction: I teach at Palo Alto in both the Gateway to College program and spent two of the last three summers working under a grant from Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) to figure out ways to help students learn the math necessary for their degree programs...or at least what Math 0301 and 0302 teach.

    Due to some strange circumstances, I ended up co-teaching with Sharon Wyeth (also of Palo Alto) and learned a few things myself. Sharon's concept of repetitious instruction made all the difference in the world for some of the students. We wrote an outline for both classes that we would be happy to share.

    We made several other changes and had a 90% rate in 0301 and 100% success rate in 0302. It was quite gratifying and many have reported back the confidence they feel in their classes so far this fall semester.

  2. Hello all! If you are curious to see what other blogs look like, here is a link to my personal blog: My blog

  3. Looking forward to what may come.
    Born out of my presentation given at the Summit in June, I have been given permission through the SPC-IRB to pursue my research further with a group of SPC-MLK students on the topic of Cultural Responsiveness in teaching.
    In my experience with higher educational settings, too often we overlook the frame of reference for the students. My hope is to have the SPC-MLK students demonstrate and share how they learn best within a cultural context. I’m open for suggestions from the group so I can create useful documents that will enhance the services provided to our students.

  4. I am so looking forward to learning and growing in my knowledge about how I teach and what I teach. I want to be as successful as the rest of you, so I look forward to the expertise that each of you has to offer! I know it is important to reflect on how I teach, so being a part of this group makes me excited about working with others who are just as engaged.